Because Email Failure is Not an Option

We understand the importance of being available to your customers 24x7 & with Email Continuity email continuity, you can rest assured your company will have continuous access to email should your mail server ever fail

Every Business Needs Email Continuity

Instant, and continuous access to email is critical for doing business in todays world. When you stop communicating you risk losing orders, customers, vendors, and credibility. JetStream’s Email Continuity email continuity service ensures you and your staff will always have access to email when your mail server goes off line.

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Key Features of Email Continuity's Enterprise Email Archiving

  • Email Disaster Recovery
  • Data Security and Preservation
  • Capture Up to 30 Days of Historic Email
  • Access and Respond to Mails During Outage
  • Easy and Secure Access to Full-Featured Webmail
  • Re-deliver Emails When Back Online
  • Works With Any SMTP Compliant Mail Server
  • Works With Any POP or IMAP Standard Email

Protect Your Business From

  • Gateway/Firewall Problems
  • Power Supply Interruptions
  • Mail Server Outages & Loss of Connectivity
  • Access Issues During Severe Weather

Why Email Continuity For Your Business?

Because we guarantee that no mail sent to you will bounce – EVER and you’ll have no software or hardware to install – EVER Your employees will be able to seamlessly receive emails as well as reply-to, forward or compose new messages including adding and sending attachments. All inbound and outbound messages are captured on our service for later delivery to your mail server when it comes back online.

How Do You Buy Our Services?

Email Archiving is delivered on a per-user-per-month subscription model with no minimums or lengthy term contracts. You can add our service to your existing infrastructure, which allows web-based access to queued messages as well as the ability to reply, compose, and forward email in case of outages or server downtime.

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JetStream provides everything resellers need to deliver robust and comprehensive
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