Introducing Bobby Kuzma, CISSP

Posted by Bobby Kuzma, CISSP on Oct.15, 2014

Hi, my name is Bobby, and I’m a security geek.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk a little bit about why I’m here, what I do for Jetstream, and why I’m spreading wit and witticism on the theory and practice of security, governance and regulatory compliance.

The hats that I officially wear at Jetstream are product management and evangelism. As a product manager, I help to figure out what features, capabilities, and integrations our partners need to be profitable and competitive, and figure out how to make them happen. I work closely with our partner base, as well as our development, operations, support, and sales teams on this. So if you want a feature, or have a neat idea, I’m one of the best people at Jetstream to talk to about it.

As an evangelist, I go on the road talking about not just Jetstream’s portfolio of centrally managed cloud solutions, but also about a broad range of security, compliance, and forensics topics. I love talking and teaching about security, and if you’re a Jetstream Networks partner, you can request to have me come out and speak to your peers or customers.

As far as this blog is concerned, I’ll be treating you to a grab bag of security information, explanations, explorations, and the occasional opinion. If you want to hear my thoughts on a particular topic, feel free to email me at